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V-Know - The More You Know, the More You V-Toe!


Why the name V-Toe….It’s fun!   These Quality ComFOOTable socks are sure to please every foot!  The Big Toe sits on it’s own separate from the other four which forms a V and is phenominal for balance as well as quick to slip on your Flip Flops after a long days work, sporting event or just because it’s cold out and you want to wear your flip flops! 

V-Toe Socks is the brain child of a group down in Jacksonville, FL that came up with the concept after a pair of socks came in from Japan from one of the owners wives.  LOVED them and they became the hit of everywhere they went.  So we decided to spread the word that V-Toe lifestyle is alive and well in Jacksonville, FL.  More patterns to come!  

Join the V-Toe Lifestyle and "let the big toe roam!"